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How can you say we are not heading in the right field? We are sixth in the league and moving back to Scarborough? His body language is not an issue. It should never be an issue… Through the season, there will be times when a team are struggling more than others… The times when they are struggling the fans should stick by them. I’m sure earlier in the season you were stating how well SK and the team were doing… Judge him at the end of the season. We have not many games left. What is the point of sacking a manager in sixth place with how many games to go… The Arsenal fan jibe is not about 4th. It is about 1 minute being happy with a victory and then the next minute wanting the manager to go because of a poor result… When you look at it like that, the Arsenal fans will be moaning about losing to Bayern Munich tonight in the champions league and you are still moaning about losing to Pickering Town in a small cup 3 days before playing top of the league 😂 That in itself is laughable. I’m sure SK wanted to rest some players ahead of the Lancaster game and change some tactics!

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