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Posted: 16/2/2017 at 16:52:37, 288 views. In reply to 'I back SK'

The camp is very much split down the middle on this. I fully agree that we must keep a level head above all else.
SK’s latest interview say’s he will, or they will turn things around. There was a time that I would have taken that as gospel. Not now sadly. We are where we are in the league more by good fortune than good play. It is a false position due to the games played being more than most. As Matt says our form equates to being the 17th best side in the division. While I think that we are better than that we are at best maybe 10th to13th best in the division. If we finish anything above this at the end of the season based on the players we have then I would consider that a result. SK has steadied the ship this season and he gets my thanks for that. But facts are facts, results since November, generally have been below what is needed.
As such crowds have dipped, fans, like me have become very concerned that we have peaked under SK and are now going downhill. Let us not forget he is good at saying these players are not good enough but it was him that brought them to the club. To be fair I totally agree with him in regards to most of them. He says that we cannot compete financially with the likes of Farsley. That may be true, I know not.
His wages seem to get mentioned a great deal on here. The figure of £600 per week is regularly quoted. If that is true then he is not earning it by a long way. If that amount is being offered then I am sure we should be able to attract a better, more connected manager nearer to home than SK. I know there will be no shortage of applicants. I can think of a handful without trying too hard. They would not cost £600 per week either. If, that figure is accurate.
Let us be honest, improving on Brian and Paul’s efforts was not a difficult task. I was delighted when they took over from Rudy, as I was when he took the job. It did not work for Brian and Paul. Rudy did great for a good time. Sadly for them all, like all managers at most levels, it comes to an end. Believe me, I would love to see a manager come in and do a Fergie. To date, this has not happened.
I have been a SK fan. He took a while to win me over but he did. However, I now see that he has flattered to deceive. His contacts have proved pretty much fruitless as far as quality have been concerned. The present squad has 5 that I personally would retain for next season. The rest can go tomorrow for me. They really are that bad. Steve says it is a lack of confidence. I say it is a lack of ability, in most cases.
Regardless of my opinion, or anyone else’s opinion the board must make a decision. Stay or go. If he stays then they have to back him. He is always complaining that his hands are tied re money. He knew our situation before he took the job so just accept it. If the board want to stick with him then for me give him what he wants. If not, and bearing in mind his searching for jobs elsewhere, let him go ( this is my choice ). Let him go asap and get someone in soonest to start planning for next season.
We are always going to be limited as a fan owned club but let us at least put a team out that has a bit of pride in the shirt.

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