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Stimpson up front, panic and …… by Zante Seadog

Posted: 12/11/2017 at 13:39:15, 357 views.

Stop the negativity ffs
‘If’ Stimpson says he can do a job up front then why not give him a chance. It didn’t work,
Shit happens. Lesson learnt. If he’d banged a couple in SK would be a genius right now.
It didn’t work, SK openly admits we need a 20+ striker to add to the jigsaw. You can’t go to tesco and pick one up but he’s trying.
We need to get behind the team through thick and thin, we’re hardly having a bad season, 4th in the league, lots of football to play.
Just my opinion and I’m happy to read everyone else’s opinions but I firmly believe if we all get behind our team we will be up there when it matters. Shouting abuse doesn’t help the lads on the pitch or the manager or the bench. Although I do think some of our fans enjoy moaning more when we get beat than they do cheering when we’re winning. ;)

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