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People really aren’t looking further afield here, we average double/treble the crowds we had in Brid, and we keep more of that money than we did before. We will now as a result of those crowds take in more money naturally via programmes, team sheets, golden gamble, food/drink and merchandise. Not to mention the sheer volume of sponsorship boards that the ground now has, that is clearly a lot of money being pumped into the club from a sponsorship perspective. Then finally, our 6 figure sponsorship deal. SIX FIGURE. Anyone who got the club finances for 2016/17 a month or so ago will know just how huge that sum of money on it’s own is in comparison to where the club was financially 2 years ago.

Now that we have touched on the income, let’s put some extra perspective on why finishing in the tail end of the playoffs isn’t good enough. We spent an additional 30-40% in 16/17 than in 15/16 overall on playing/coaching staff, now i reckon on average the teams finishing top 3 probably have an increase of 15-20% average on playing/coaching staff (someone please correct me with factual sources if i’m wrong), with the exception of clubs like Shields who probably had around 30-40% increase on their expenditure on players/coaches, maybe more, than last season. That 30-40% was 16/17 and we came third, and by my reckoning with the volume of players and quality (Wright, Beadle, Coulson) we have probably heavily invested further and increased our spend by another good 25-30%. With that in mind, by no means should we be accepting losing to 2 play off rivals in such a poor manner when we have such large amount of resources behind us. Reason for those defeats? Poor tactics and lack of knowledge of our best 11 by our manager. I’d say currently 4/5 of our players each week are constants that he knows will start the game. Coulson, Wright, Merris and Taylor. The rest will be used sporadically it seems. In November, we cannot still be looking to source our best 11, only knowing just under half the players that are ever presents, simply isn’t good enough. Around 8-9 players should be constant first team selections with their positions on the pitch cemented rather than played pillar to post every other week. This is exactly why we do get found out by teams who have a game plan against us, as we have no plan B to counter it. We play a mish mash of nice football for 10 mins followed by long ball for 20 then repeat. We don’t seem to have an alternative to turn a game around at times, we look beaten soon as we get sussed.

Final reason behind my views on Kittrick is man management - or the lack of. Undermined 2 local players now in 2 years. That can’t keep happening, player trust in the manager will diminish very quickly, he may have gotten away with it with Rory as he wasn’t a senior squad player, but Billy is. Look at pre-season and how many players left the club, sure a fair handful bettered themselves and are player in higher leagues, but realistically i’d like to think last seasons squad with 1 or 2 faces would have easily won us promotion this season, without a doubt. Then when we do replace the faces, we end up with an abundance of strikers, then now somehow have ended up short of strikers, how on earth has the manager allowed that to happen? It’s on his watch, he has to take his share of the blame for it because as the manager the buck stops with him in regards to this squad.

We may be 4th, we may have 33 goals, and we may achieve 2pts average per game. Problem is, we earnt a chunk of that prior to being found out, we’ve dropped 7 points in 3 away matches, that realistically we should have dropped 2/3 maximum in. Not good enough. I wouldn’t have gone to the lengths i have done if i really didn’t feel like Kittrick is taking us on a slippery slope backwards, can we afford to keep piling in extra amounts of money only for us to fail the objective of promotion??

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