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the post tbh.

Finances. Why do you say we get to keep more than we have before ? Granted our income is greater. But so is our expenditure (Insurances, Stewards etc). Yes we have sponsorship boards that we didn’t have before. Remember huge the six-figure sponsorship deal is controlled by the council and is ring-fenced though, it’s not ours to spend on players.

Next we have some fag packet maths. You want correcting with factual sources but your statements are all ‘I reckon’ and ‘probably’. There is little concrete evidence that we have such a ‘large amount of resources behind us’ compared to other teams. You know Julio Arca at Shields is rumoured to be on £1k a week (plus he gets bonuses linked to the attendances) right ? You may be right about the quality but is Wright more expensive than say Benny or Jacob Hazel last season? Remember Wright is not an SAFC player.

Selection. I have 7 who are constant selections, nearer to your 8/9 than your suggested 4/5. Taylor, Merris, Hewitt, Daly, Dean, Wright, Coulson. Could add Valentine but I haven’t because he has been used in a few different positions. Could now add Jack Johnson who looks to have earnt the right back spot. SK has said often he wanted an experienced defender and a centre forward. He knows what he needs, he just has to get the right one (or maybe just a body at CF for the minute).

What makes you think we’be been ‘found out’? We’Ve hit a bit of poor form. We’ve lost 2/3 away from home. We could easily have picked up 5 or 7 points though with a bit more luck (yes, I was at all 3 games), It happens. It’s football.

As for players leaving, that is always going to happen when they are not getting regular first team football. They don’t get paid if they are not in the squad. Would you hang around if it meant you were out of pocket each week? Especially if you had mates texting you saying ‘come and play for us’.

Stop panicking!

Do you think I would have gone to the lengths of this post if I didn’t think we were in a pretty decent position ?

Maybe you are right, maybe I am. BUT the board have committed to letting SK have a chance at earning promotion for us. You have to let him have that chance. Who would want to come and manage us if we axed a manager who had us in 4th (3rd if you take games in hand) and had just taken us on an FA Cup run that was the longest in the clubs history ? You talk about player trust in the manager, but the manager has to trust the club (fans included) to give him a fair crack.

Let’s get behind him and the players on Saturday. Let’s encourage not discourage. Let’s do our bit.

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