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Another question would be - “can Scarborough make it back into the football league even if the ground was suitable” and i think that after 8 years of sfc in non league and then 10 years of the phoenix club playing in brid, it’s so far away from most Scarborough Athletic fans’ minds as to be not relevant really. Our natural level in the current guise and in this day and age (as football is very different these days) is probably conference north, with the odd promotion to conference national before coming back down in underdog glory. Most if not all conference national clubs are full time now, and many are ex-league. To have had Luton in the conference for so many years, and now tranmere, would have been unthinkable back in the 90’s when we were a league team. When we went down in ‘99 who were the big clubs apart from us? Rushden, and only cos of the backing they had. Donny were a sleeping giant I suppose, but pants that season and in a rubbish ground with few fans. Now, there’s more teams with wealthy backers trying to get promotion into the league - look at forest green, who are basically a village team. There’s formerly traditional non league clubs who now seem to be mainstays of the football league with decent stadiums and crowds - wycombe, burton, Stevenage, Yeovil, Cheltenham, etc.

Would I like it if we had a wealthy backer who can get Scarborough back into the league and stay interested enough to help us stay there and not go bust? Of course - but it won’t happen and I’m more than happy about that, I’m enjoying watching Boro trying to move up to our natural level and i’ll enjoy watching us stay there, with the odd stab at promotion to conference national every now and again. Anyway, even that’s years away……….roll on Saturday and hopefully another 3 points!

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