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Ask yourself these three questions…… by mrs trellis User: mrs trellis

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When looking at the performance of a Boro manager I ask myself three questions…..

1). Are we in a better place than when they found us?
2). Do they care about the club?
3). Are we enjoying the ride?

You can apply the same questions to board members.
Yes there will be ups and downs but by these measures both board and manager ain’t doing too bad right now.

As for Walshaw, if you can’t see what else he does other than score goals, then you are wasting your money going to watch football.
Chasing lost causes, off the ball runs that open the way for midfielders to take shots, holding the ball up to take the pressure off the back four, cleverly winning free kicks by placing himself where opposition giants have to foul him or appear to foul him, sanitation, the medicine, roads, wine, education, law and order, public health……. . When our back four clear the ball it stays cleared, this time last year with the likes of Billy Logan and Emile Sinclair up top it was coming straight back.

Ok sometimes he might take a shot when a pass is on but most players would love to play in a team with a player who works as hard as Wally.

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