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Scobbie’s plan … by Cynic Al

Posted: 6/11/2018 at 07:09:18, 454 views. In reply to 'Without meaning to cause debate….'

Was to build a ground on the industrial estate between Morrisons and Seamer Tip.

From my memory, some of the major obstacles at the time was that the plan was very last minute. No plans had been drawn up, no planning applications submitted, nothing was actually on the table. It was a ‘pie in the sky’ plan. The council didn’t really have a plan to block. The other major problem with the plan was that the ‘plan’ was not envisaged to be able to clear the debts that SFC still had.

The plan to sell the McCain Stadium site was first mooted by Geoffrey Richmond. He wanted to build a new stadium on what is now the Sainsbury’s site.

In my opinion, Ian Scobbie was not the reason the club went under, he just didn’t have the time/finances to save it.

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