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Putting to one side the personalities involved I have long been puzzled why a club at our level needs a Manager,Asst Manager,1st Team coach and a Goalkeeping coach.

I can see the logic of Reserve goalie/coach if the right person can be found, and it seems Tom Morgan fits that bill

The overlap to my mind is between the roles of Asst Manager/1st Team Coach, for the following reasons:-

- “too many cooks” - you can’t run a team by Committee and too many voices can cause confusion/conflict

- cost - in a club like ours we need to ensure overheads are kept to a minimum and that everyone involved is adding value

I hope that we don’t just rush out and fill the vacancy caused by Mark Hume’s departure in a like-for-manner before giving some thought to the points made above

Finally good luck to Mark Hume for the future


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