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Well, I must admit in what I saw of you last season, I can see where Geoff Hooley is coming from - only bothered for keeping 4 of last season’s side. Seems Deacs is of a similar opinion. Time will tell if he’s found a better group.
Deacs jnr is a decent player - not a striker, but plays close to them & looks to score goals.

Assensio is someone I wouldn’t have minded at Throstle Nest when we got promoted to the glue league top flight. Can play as a c/half or a holding midfield player. He’s a big unit, and I think that the division requires size. Think he’s a good signing.

Howey was a good, steady performer for us. He’s not tall tho’ - bearing in mind my comment above, and he’s mid 30’s. Does strike me as a slightly odd signing for you now (wouldn’t have been 2 yrs ago, at all).

You know all about Pete Davidson- the glue league Pirlo. You’ll have seen him play more than I have. Wasn’t fussed at first, but he grew on me. Came to impress me & others in the end. BUT that was 2+ yrs ago now, and we told him he had to train more & get fitter to be able to stay to play in this div you have brought him into. Chose to stay behind in the 2nd div. Can’t imagine he’s gained any pace in that time, and he must be well into his 30’s (??). That said, he again brings height with him, and I bet he can still pick a pass.

Don’t know much about the other 2-3 you’ve signed - wasn’t Annan rejected by SAfc previously? The younger players signed may have pace and be grateful to step up to this league with you.

IF all these signings were made 2 yrs ago, I’d say you had the basis for a really good side, added to the ones you’re keeping from 2018-19. Time moves on, but hopefully (genuinely) they still have it in them and you have a good 2019-20 season. John Deacey’s a decent bloke and I would like to see him do well for/with you.

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