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Some interesting thoughts Farsley thanks. I understand part of the reason Pete D left us previously was his lack of training. I like Pete and about 4 or 5 years ago he was rightly voted player of the year. He then had a bit of a downturn but didn’t play badly when he played against us a few years ago. I just hope we get the better Pete but he will have to train hard especially at this level and considering his age. Regarding Will Annan, he picked up an injury but struggled on with it and unfortunately it showed with his ‘not-so-good’ performances and eventually decided to have an operation to get it sorted - I think it was on his ankle but not sure. He was out for some time and recommended to go play for Taddy to get his match fitness back which he hopefully did. So he has now returned to try again to fulfil that potential he once promised. He is an attacking player which is what JD is looking for in this new team.


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