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Yeah..a great night in Derbyshire..haven’t been to the’Procter Cars Stadium’ before.(Yeah,I know..)…It’s just a great old fashioned nonleague ground…plenty of characteristic features…Loved the moon above the hill behind the goal,&the church clock striking 8(!!)..(think that was before Walker’s goal, but haven"t checked)…After Mickleover on Saturday, I don’t think too many of us were expecting the result, but maybe we should have had more faith in t’team…a fantastic performance from every body,&Dawson’s was a great breakaway goal(made by Wally)..

Was it Pitou Crouz who was sent off?..(no11)..Anyway,an awful tackle,well deserving a red card.A very hard fought game,& a well deserved win…Happier for Friday(AGM),&the home game Saturday..Great to see Boro legend Darren Foreman doing a stint as Trainer/Medico…Is that permenant,Daz, or just helping out?…

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