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Thanks for the update Nick and you are right in avoiding getting into a detailed discussion about the situation on here

However speaking for myself , and perhaps some others I’d make the following points :-

SAFC is a success story on and off the field and has a good reputation within the game.It is in everyone’s interest that SAFC survives the financial crisis brought about by the virus.

The scale of the crisis and the fragile finances of many clubs , even into the EFL means that a “shake out” of clubs is likely

The club has a number of stakeholders , fans, players,staff, Scarborough Council, sponsors all come quickly to mind and you may know of others.

All of us stakeholders need to be prepared to contribute financially at this time to ensure the survival of the club in whatever way we can. I and many like me I’m sure would be prepared to contribute to some form of “Justgiving” fund for example

Hopefully most of our costs are variable focussed on games being played,.

However for those personnel costs which are not variable, putting it bluntly, the fact that a large number of players and staff from other higher level clubs will probably soon be looking for a new employer ought to concentrate minds and as for stadium costs it’s hard to see an alternative use of the Flamstad which would generate similar income for the council

Finally good luck to you and your fellow directors in these difficult times

…and UTB

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