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With respect my Dogtanian friend - Not just UK but generally around 90% are due to underlying and other causes. They died ‘WITH’ Covid not OF Covid. Doctors were instructed to mark everybody down to a Covid19 death with the very slightest of reasons. I’ve seen the letter. All deaths are regretted and extremely sad but I’m afraid we are being conned and lied to. The info comes from top virologists and Epidemiologists and 100’s of Doctors who are not given a voice. No more people have died this year than the last few years of flu.
The worrying thing now is the swab testing which doesn’t test for Covid19 but a vague reference to the Coronavirus family in general. Even the guy who invented the test says it is not a correct indicator. The only true test is for raised levels of antibodies. Apparently if you have had a common cold or a flu vaccine in the last few years you are likely to test positive with the swab test. So beware of numbers and also realise there is already a ‘cure’ if used early enough - already used by 1000’s successfully with 8 to 12 hours recovery.
I don’t tell you this to try to sound clever or argumentative, I say it to try to quell the fear propagated by main stream media like the BBC. I just suggest being sensible but not frightened.
I know this is not directly football related but my concern is the unjustified effect it has for when we can start football proper.
Given with greatest of respect and sorry for those who disagree.

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