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You are misinformed.

Excess deaths is the number you need to consider. There have been over 60000 more deaths than were to be expected from March-June this year. In early April, when the virus was at it’s peak, we had 113% (more than twice the number) more deaths than we should expect (5 year average) at this time of year. Of the excess deaths only 72% mention Covid-19.

The ‘with’ or ‘of’ Covid argument is moot. Look at the number of people who are dying in excess to what we expect at this time of year. Yes, some people who died had underlying health conditions, but lots of people do and can still expect to live for many more years. It’s been a tragedy of global proportions that has affected many local families. It is not a lie or a con.

Please stop repeating false information. The ONS estimates that 17,000 people have died annually in the last 5 years from flu. That is approximately 1/4 of the excess deaths in the last 4 months.

And these 60000 excess deaths are despite our best efforts in changing our behaviours. Imagine what would have happened if we had not altered our behaviours.

Yes, you are correct, no test is perfect. There are two types of error a test can have. The terms the medical professionals use are Specificity and Sensitivity.

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