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RE: RE: How about a German style promotion playoff v higher team? by Malton Seadog User: Malton Seadog

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I get what you’re saying, but this season there were 4pts seperating us in 3rd and Glossop in 8th. I think if you have a qualifying round for the playoffs, it makes it fair. Glossop, finishing 8th, would have to win 3 matches (qual, semi, and final) to go up, whereas us in 3rd would only have to win two.

I think at our level and below, it’s a great way of keeping the crowds coming in. For the likes of Bamber, Kendal, and Droylsden in mid-table, their seasons were done by the end of Feb/start of March, but if they could be scrapping around for points to make 8th, it would keep things alive a bit longer.

I see both points of view, and it’s not so different from the Premier League, where 7th gets you qualification to Europe.

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