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The way I understood it, there was no need for an election, despite 8 people standing this year: Andrew (Fred) Firman, Andy Crossland, Andy Troughton, Jamie Daniel, Mick Davison, Nick Finch, Paul Exley and Trevor Bull. However, Steve Smith, Sandra Troughton and James Coates were standing down, which meant that if all 8 candidates were affirmed at the AGM, the board would be those eight and Geoff Osgothorpe which would still be less than the maximum of ten. You should have been sent personal statements from the candiates by email on 18th September.

Probably the way the email was worded made it look like there would be a need for an election, because 8 candidates does sound a lot, but it’s just that so many over recent times have left the board for different reasons anyway. 3 of the candidates are the ones who were ‘co-opted’ onto the board in March, 2 are longer-term directors who are up for re-election and the other 3 are ‘fresh blood’

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