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Just noticed on official site story by Old Git

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It calls John Powell a ‘creative midfielder’.
I doubt many fans at the time saw him in midfield.
He was an inside forward, predominanlty inside left.
Like many inside forwards he played in a number of positions during in a game and would switch
positions with Alan Franks and whoever happened to be Centre Forward.
Some games he performed role of Outside Left or Left Wing. He had more bulk than Franksy
so was really useful against big defenders cos he still had a bit of pace and I remember him
scoring by running in towards goal from behind Brown & Franks through the gaps they created
and thrashing the ball across the keeper and into the net at the Edgehill Road end.
A number of JPs goals semed involve a good amount of wellie which is why he was a favourite.
Cliff Jones, at Inside Right, would drop back slightly to act as a link with the Boro half-back line
but that was just a reflection of the individual strengths in the side, its balance and how the side functioned
but he too was liable to end up first in the box to score. Although I do recall him spending a lot
of time hanging about between the halfway line and the oppostion goal emptying the contents of his nose
into the palm of his hand before wiping it onto his shorts.

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