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Well done Stalybridge Celtic Directors by mrs trellis User: mrs trellis

9/10/2018, 431 views.

Thanks also to the directors of Stalybridge Celtic football club. By not over-reacting in any way, by say, comically wasting their own money to bring in stewards from Oldham Athletic, sacrificing hundreds of pounds of bar revenue and boycotted programmes, and having to open extra turnstiles the SCFC Directors successfully ensured that the forecast bloodbath was averted.

While at first, second and thirty seventh glances the untrained layman might have looked at the evidence and realised that tonight was more likely to play out like last Tuesday at Mickleover than Kenilworth Road 1985, these visionaries spotted the potential powder keg. Using the skill and judgment of Jeremy Hunt and the rational, fact based analysis of a less able Deal or No Deal contestant these people got it right tonight and they can be justifiably proud that they have saved us all from an unthinkable disaster.

When will Messrs Bull, Firman, Davison et al stop messing about and start adopting this sort of forward thinking decisiveness rather than simply dismissing it as pouring hundreds of pounds away with panicky, knee jerk idiocy.

By segregating the crowd, the Directors of SCFC definitely didn’t score a massive own goal by missing out on a pay day, unnecessarily spending their own money and ensuring that all the Boro fans were together under one roof creating a brilliant Boro atmosphere at one end of the ground. Well done guys, mission accomplished. I’m sure your dedicated volunteers and fundraisers can’t wait to go out and get some more cash for you to wisely administer.

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