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What sort of statement do you want? by mrs trellis User: mrs trellis

3/1/2019, 389 views. In reply to 'Please can we have a statement from the Board'

If you wanted one about the direction of the club in the next 12 months maybe the extensive interview on the 28/12/18 to the local paper would suffice;

Alternatively a statement on Mark Hume’s departure, maybe the official site statement;

On the field the team is on a bad run and the Whitby match was particularly poor. We all know that. The players know that, the management team know that and the board know that.
What would you expect to hear in a new statement from the board, “Steve has a track record of success, he’s been great since he arrived and we are confident he will turn it around" perhaps?

I’d rather our volunteers concentrated on the active day to day running of the football club rather than issuing the bland media friendly soundbites you seem to be craving.
The board received a comprehensive endorsement at the AGM in November with only one dissenting proxy vote against one candidate. I would vote in their favour again tomorrow.

We lost another match, we’ll lose more before the season is out. None of them will signify that the board are individually or collectively failing.

Not everyone can be this silly but it is nice to see so many trying.

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