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Will this season stand? by Burniston User: Burniston

2/4/2020, 334 views.

I realise the FA have decided to expunge all results from this season although apparently 60 odd non league clubs have put in a protest about this.
In my day (and probably still today) in motor racing events, if a race had completed 75% when it was stopped then the result stood. In our league 14 clubs (the majority) completed 75% with 8 only just under.
Whatever happens there will be some winners and some losers but I would suggest more losers if there are no promotions, not only to the teams at the top who have lost a year of their progression but also for those teams just below who miss out on promotion who have to play those top teams once again next season. The teams at the bottom, I’m sorry to say, are there for a reason and will more than likely enjoy their football more at the level below.
As the playoffs will be out of the question I guess, I would propose promoting the top two on a points per game basis. At least we will have some movement to get teams to their potential level sooner rather than later.
Even with Morpeth’s game advantage, the current top 2 would still go up. ie. Sth Shields and FCUM.

Any thoughts?

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