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Very Poor Kitkat by totalshell User: totalshell

Posted: 14/2/2017 at 21:54:13, 256 views.

been a big supporter till tonight of SK but tremendously disappointed to lose to a club from a league below us who only had 10 men on the pitch.. for months now we ve not been at the races but have been made to look adequate in a frankly poor league.

I really hope that tonight theres some soul searching amongst the boro players and management. with more money been paid out that at anytime we ve seen tonight that we arent even competative in the league below never mind the one we are in.. losing against 10 man pickering is nowhere near good enough.. what message doethat send out to the good folk of scarbourough when we play at weaponess.. come and wathc the team that struggled against 10 men from the ncel many of whom have been rejected by us in the past..

and our sending off.. come on .. we cant score… keep a clean sheet or keep any discipline our record this season is woeful.. more cards than a Panini collection.

KitKat does it again

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What makes it worse by Southern dog

Posted: 14/2/2017 at 21:58:11, 251 views. In reply to 'Very Poor Kitkat'

We took their 2 best players (Turnbull and Logan) and still lose to them.

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RE: What makes it worse by Denny

Posted: 15/2/2017 at 00:01:54, 238 views. In reply to 'What makes it worse'

Best players. REALLY. Guess you haven’t watched pikes much?

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RE:RE: What makes it worse by Burniston User: Burniston

Posted: 17/2/2017 at 11:46:13, 141 views. In reply to 'RE: What makes it worse'

Correct Denny. You have some decent players & played well on Tuesday.


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agree with most except for by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 14/2/2017 at 21:58:43, 213 views. In reply to 'Very Poor Kitkat'

“a frankly poor league"….

If so poor then how come the relegated trio of Hyde, Colwyn Bay and Ramsbottom haven’t looked like bouncing straight back up. One thing I do know about this league it every game’s a battle.

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