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draw yesterday by filey1

Posted: 13/8/2017 at 10:05:33, 196 views.

Suspected it would be tough, and it was, not much football played, due to big defending and physical scrapping. Not a classic. Hyde had the best chance, when Taylor brilliantly saved. Didn’t massively rate Hyde, but thought their 7 and 11 looked decent. For us, Dan Thirkell stood out, Marty and Mezza were solid enough. Not sure what was happening at front, and chances were simply not created. For me, Billy Logan is not the answer. Emile Sinclair needs to be back soon, and I’m surprised Cadman didn’t get on the bench, unless he’s crocked? As for the crowd, all the hype and the ticket sales led us to believe we would see at least 400 more. But 1,300 plus is amazing compared to last season and all previous seasons. Think it will reduce to 800-1,000 if we don’t get the results, but that’s double on some of the best attendances last season

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RE: draw yesterday by totalshell User: totalshell

Posted: 13/8/2017 at 10:25:04, 175 views. In reply to 'draw yesterday'

the game evened up when hyde started taking off their threatening front line and we replaced ours, hyde had some stand out quality we did not but played well as a team.. must use more of the pitch though for much of the game you could have thrown a blanket over most of the players.. at one of our corners not a single player was stood between the corner flag and the penalty spot.. half the pitch empty..

One of the 500 that was at Hunmanby, One of the 5000 that saw Shaun Chadburn bag our first goal and one of the 50000 who leapt in the air when Tommo netted against Tevie

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