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When is our 1000th competitive goal… or have we missed it? by Seadog Update User: Seadog Update

Posted: 22/4/2018 at 03:05:54, 269 views.

Boro have scored 955 LEAGUE goals since formation in 2007

But how many other competitive goals have we scored in FA Cup/Trophy/Vase, NRSC, Doodson, NCEL League Cup, NCEL Presidents Cup & NCEL Wilkinson Sword? (do we count Supp Direct Shield?)

I wonder if it is more than 45?

It would be nice to mark our 1,000th competitive goal if we havn’t missed it already.

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afraid to say it will be EASILY more than 45 by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 22/4/2018 at 10:39:26, 244 views. In reply to 'When is our 1000th competitive goal… or have we missed it?'

We got 18 goals in our last two games against Thornaby!! And that’s just 2 games out of 11 seasons of cups, (remember all those goals in the FA Vase, Presidents Cup, etc, even FA Cup now). Would be well into the hundreds I’d have thought. Unfortunately unlike the league goals (on Wikipedia) there is no record of how many cup goals we have scored or when we scored them!

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according to wikipedia by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 22/4/2018 at 10:43:39, 250 views. In reply to 'afraid to say it will be EASILY more than 45'

We have played 548 competitive games, of which 430 have been league games (and one play-off), which leave 117 cup games. So to answer your question, we have clearly scored a lot more than 45 goals in those games lol

(Incidntally, we’ve scored 34 cup goals THIS season!)

Edited on 22/04/18 at 11:11:31
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Goals by statto User: statto

Posted: 22/4/2018 at 12:34:34, 252 views. In reply to 'according to wikipedia'

Both Wikipedia and the NCEL history pages have credited Scarborough with an extra goal for 2010/11 league season. The results do not give that number of goals when totalled. At present I believe the totals are League goals 954 Cup goals (all cup comps) 224.

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I disagree by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 22/4/2018 at 13:59:17, 266 views. In reply to 'Goals'

I just totalled our results for that season up using this page and we did indeed score 69 and let in 61.

One thing I hadn’t realised was that in February and early March we had 6 straight wins. If only Olssen had kept that momentum, who knows he might have kept his job and the Rudy era might never have occurred! Ifs, buts and maybes!

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you’re right by statto User: statto

Posted: 23/4/2018 at 12:41:01, 262 views. In reply to 'I disagree'

Sorry, add one more to my totals. Celebrated too much and misread Scarborough vs Tadcaster result that season. I should have known NCEL would have it right but I’m stunned that Wikipedia is correct.

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