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scarborough news by tinker thompson

Posted: 26/4/2018 at 22:49:24, 334 views.

surely the headlines should go to Coulson and not someone who cannot get in the team

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FAO Paper…. by mrs trellis User: mrs trellis

Posted: 27/4/2018 at 07:08:51, 302 views. In reply to 'scarborough news'

Tinker’s right Martin we only want to read about the single best performer in the team. Collective achievement and contribution are meaningless.

During next season rather than writing your reports during matches and getting them up online within an hour of the final whistle, we expect you to count how many time each player touches the ball. Each of these touches should be graded to outcome, giving an Opta style quantitative analysis of each player’s contribution.
The aggregate of these scores should then be totalled.

At any given point during the season you should only write about the player with the highest aggregate total. THAT IS ALL WE ARE INTERESTED IN.
Stop wasting our time with wider interest stories and features on other players. JUST WRITE ABOUT THE BEST PLAYER.

Obviously this will free up space in the paper. May I suggest a feature on people whose lives are impacted by the strange condition where every time they drink champagne it tastes like piss.

Not everyone can be this silly but it is nice to see so many trying.

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Calm down Tinker by borotomas User: borotomas

Posted: 27/4/2018 at 09:07:30, 315 views. In reply to 'FAO Paper….'

If you look 5 inches to the right, Coulson and Walshaw have their own headline. Phew

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