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Scarborough news, Bridlington Free press, by Seamer unreg

Posted: 11/10/2018 at 13:25:00, 266 views.

and Whitby Gazette are all up for sale. YCRADIO.

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along with The Scotsman by Old Git

Posted: 11/10/2018 at 13:30:03, 241 views. In reply to 'Scarborough news, Bridlington Free press,'

Johnston Press have Asset Stripped the UK Press
as far as is possible and they are now hoping some mugs
will cough up for the remnants
So expect further closures, job losses and the death of some titles.

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RE: along with The Scotsman by joshlawrance User: joshlawrance

Posted: 11/10/2018 at 14:03:46, 226 views. In reply to 'along with The Scotsman'

newspapers are a thing of the past i’m afraid and the production of them against what you make off them is just bad business.

online stuff costs much much less.

they are all a sham anyway unlesss reporting on real events. OG i know you are massive lefty so will only read the mirror so it might be nice to get some perspective now and again ;)

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Don’t read The Mirror by Old Git

Posted: 11/10/2018 at 14:45:43, 264 views. In reply to 'RE: along with The Scotsman'

But we still need a proper Press even though online dominates.

I read online news from around the UK, dozens of sites on a daily basis
but they all suffer from burn-out eventually, and some are a joke, claiming to represent a city
or region when they just lift reports and articles from other sites and little from the area
they purport to cover. Advertising dominates and is increasing so online sites are just full of
‘reality TV & soaps’ promoted as news.
This kills community news, a cornerstone of local democracy.
Areas of society are completely ignored, not reported about and not promoted
so a vacuum develops that leaves people without the ability to express themselves,
develop an opinon or contribute to society. All the benefits provided by a good local news service.
Ignorance is the biggest enemy of democracy.
I used to work for Reuters so I know how important news & information is
and without it how individuals & groups can become isolated, disenfranchised and alienated from life.
Maybe Athletic should buy the rights to the name ‘Scarborough Evening News’ as we are a ‘community’ organisation.

Anyway 3 points on Saturday will be bloody useful and I know I’ll get that important news.

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RE: Don’t read The Mirror by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 11/10/2018 at 15:33:03, 213 views. In reply to 'Don’t read The Mirror'

The Scarborough News site has become a bit of a nightmare in recent months/years. I know it has to pay its way but you end up with more adverts than actual content at times. Take SK’s column which Martin posted a link to. At the top is a (video and audio) advert for getting a free sky movie when you collect 4 promotional packs of something, below that is an advert which flashes and doesn’t stay on the same bit long enough to work out what it’s for - something to do with skills.
Then the article gets underway, (although before it does there’s an advert for Oreos underneath Kittirick’ picture). After the byline there is a promotional feature from American Express, then the article actually does start. 4 lines later there’s a “promoted by British Business bank" advert and then 4 sentences later a Jet2Holidays advert. 4 further sentences, and another Jet2Holidays advert (Groundhog day). After the next sentence is a link to the TSN news article about it being time to support our shops. Fair enough but why put it at that point in the article. At the end of the article is (you guessed it) another Jet2Holidays advert. Seven more large adverts for various things then fill the rest of the page. That’s not mentioning anything down the left or right hand sides!!

Give me the SAFCTV highlights any day. Bizarrely the fact the Mainline ad is included as part of the actual video (and so you could in theory skip through it) means I never do and always treat it as part of the package. It never feels as intrusive as all the Scarborough news adverts

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the Mainline ad by Old Git

Posted: 11/10/2018 at 16:05:25, 236 views. In reply to 'RE: Don’t read The Mirror'

Is worth the time.
Had more fun watching that than many TV comedies.
Words that should never be seen in the same item, ‘male’ & ‘fashion’.
If men knew owt about fashion we’d have been living on Mars decades ago.

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RE: the Mainline ad by Patto_1989

Posted: 11/10/2018 at 22:53:23, 302 views. In reply to 'the Mainline ad '

Ironic isn’t it, that the advertising in which the site needs to survive, is in fact the very thing that is suffocating it. Whoever came up with that plan needs to actually try and use the site. Its why I never go on.

If you could identify a key partner to advertise, lower the amount of time needed to load pages or even just scroll through an article and you’re onto a winner.

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RE: RE: the Mainline ad by Suomi Seadog

Posted: 13/10/2018 at 19:01:12, 172 views. In reply to 'RE: the Mainline ad '

The Scarborough News site loads much better for me now that I use Brave browser.

Are you the Patto? As in East Stand Mafia and his drum?

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