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Golden gamble was it claimed?. by Transpennine dave

Posted: 14/10/2018 at 09:13:42, 240 views.

As the tannoy isn’t working at the swimming pool end.

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Tannoy by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 14/10/2018 at 09:46:31, 289 views. In reply to 'Golden gamble was it claimed?.'

After a couple of railway station style “ding dongs”, the tannoy was very hard to hear yesterday from the shed, and apparently from many other parts of the ground. Hopefully it was just some technical difficulties and will be fixed for future games. Nick came round with the golden gamble number at half time and I think it ended in 551.

Edited on 14/10/18 at 09:48:33
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RE: Tannoy by Hells

Posted: 14/10/2018 at 14:16:48, 316 views. In reply to 'Tannoy'

It was claimed yes

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Golden Gamble by Burniston User: Burniston

Posted: 14/10/2018 at 23:09:55, 333 views. In reply to 'RE: Tannoy'

Do not know what was wrong with Joy showing the winning numbers on the whiteboard & walking round with it. I understand this is not preferred but most people I spoke to on Saturday had no idea what the winning ticket was and of course being a regular winner, I may have missed out.


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Board by Nick Finch

Posted: 15/10/2018 at 07:07:28, 846 views. In reply to 'Golden Gamble'

We looked for the white board but could not find it. The tannoy was unfortunately not working on Saturday. I went around the entire ground shouting the number as loudly as possible. The ticket was claimed.

If volunteers would like to make themselves known they could help with selling or giving out details/finding the winner.

Nick Finch

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i have resigned by now not gamblegirl

Posted: 15/10/2018 at 16:09:26, 358 views. In reply to 'Board'

since the board member who counts the money isn’t handing me the pay out amount until the second half has kicked off. I had had enough, started working for Scarborough Football club in 1993 as tote and lottery manager, volunteered when we reformed, had run the golden gamble for 16 years and now having a board member of only 2 years changing a well run system..

l have resigned the supporters club treasurer, will not renew my trust membership, pay my fiver and watch 90 minutes of football from now on, and if it is raining l don’t have bother

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RE: i have resigned by Steve Adamson

Posted: 15/10/2018 at 22:35:58, 366 views. In reply to 'i have resigned'

This is bad, if a long time supporter and volunteer feels the need to step aside after giving many years of service to the club. I personally don’t know many of the present board members, Nick Finch being the exception, as he always mingles with the crowd at matches, and stops and talks to people around the ground. Perhaps the others could follow his lead, as Dave Holland always did. The whole idea of being a fans run club should be that we are all pulling together for the benefit of the club.

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In fairness Steve….. by mrs trellis User: mrs trellis

Posted: 17/10/2018 at 18:38:52, 271 views. In reply to 'RE: i have resigned'

The board members are all approachable and evident at matches but perhaps become less visible in a larger venue with crowds that are around three times the size of those at Brid.

I don’t disagree that it is bad if any volunteer or trust member feels mistreated by the club but I don’t think it is fair to cast the board as aloof, shy or inaccessible.

Taking the recent Stalybridge away game Mick Davison was conspicuously going around the Boro fans explaining the circumstances of the segregation and making sure they were happy.
Fred is often on the Shed Terrace at the gate end for at least the second half.
Paul Exley wanders round the ground all the time.
Jamie Daniel (with Jane) can usually be seen charging around in the club house area making sure visitors are looked after.
Trevor walks round both home and away, is often subjected to “Trevor / Chairman give us a song" and always responds in good humour.

These are approachable people, (even Andy Crossland who looks like a cross between Bender from Futurama and the prison governor from the Shawshank Redemption). Look out for them and talk to them. First and foremost they are Boro fans like you and I. Their election to high office hasn’t changed that.

Alternatively if you visit the Your Board section of the club website ( ) it takes you to the world’s lowest grade beauty pageant. If you click on any of the faces it give you an individual email address for that board member. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them face to face or in the unlikely event you can’t find them at matches, send them an email. They do respond.

Not everyone can be this silly but it is nice to see so many trying.

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Agreed by Nick Finch

Posted: 17/10/2018 at 19:38:28, 368 views. In reply to 'In fairness Steve…..'

Although it pains me to agree as I like the title Nick “Man of the People" Finch I have to agree wholeheartedly with this.

This board have helped take our club to a place none of us could have dreamed about a few years ago.

Nick Finch

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it is by now not gamblegirl

Posted: 15/10/2018 at 17:45:12, 335 views. In reply to 'Board'

In the shop behind the door Nick. you need a marker pen and wet wipe to clean the board, both of which l have, but not coming to the match Tuesday night. lf you want them l could give them to David who sells gamble usually in the car park hut

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All sorted ta n/t by Nick Finch

Posted: 15/10/2018 at 18:38:25, 278 views. In reply to 'it is'

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