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Final straw. by Stepney Seadog 1

Posted: 20/11/2019 at 14:44:22, 520 views.

Just prior to the game, I chatted to a Dunston supporter who commented that his team had recently suffered some poor results, and that they would have their work cut out to even manage a draw. I next saw him as I was leaving, and he had a big grin on his face.
No words were spoken, but we both knew each other’s thoughts.!
We started OK and to be fair our only goal was as a result of an excellent attacking play.End of !
From there we went downhill. Our defence lost consistently in the air and on the ground. The attack was a shambles, and even the
keeper was poor. At halftime we took off Walshaw, our only forceful player, and made some irrelevant substitutions and the rest is history. Every game I witness the visitors bench and manager in particular, shouting instructions and encouragement to their team.
Our manager does nothing and appears to completely lack motivation.
I would never advocate his sacking but clearly something needs to happen and soon.
Credit to Dunston, they deserved to win but they were only 2 points above bottom placed Pickering which shows how far we have gone backwards.

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RE: Final straw. by Armchairdog User: Armchairdog

Posted: 20/11/2019 at 15:24:12, 555 views. In reply to 'Final straw.'

To be fair, Dunston have only played 8 league matches so their league position is a bit false. Even so, we should have won comfortably last night.

JD obviously felt obliged to give fringe players and players returning from injury a game last night but it backfired spectacularly.

Not sure throwing the players under the bus in his post-match interview was a wise thing to do. It’s so often a sign the writing is on the wall for the manager. Let’s hope for his sake he gets a reaction from them on Saturday and they get him a much needed win.

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RE: Final straw. by AshleySestanovic User: AshleySestanovic

Posted: 20/11/2019 at 16:01:29, 475 views. In reply to 'Final straw.'

I wouldn’t play Paul Walker and Pete Davidson in a sunday league side. Deacey has had Walker with him his whole career, bloke can barely run nevermind play! Absolutely stealing a living.

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RE: RE: Final straw. by Neil Thompsons Thundering Left Foot

Posted: 21/11/2019 at 16:27:39, 392 views. In reply to 'RE: Final straw.'

Davison had a very decent game on Saturday against Lancaster, Walker on the other hand had a mare first 15 and didn’t do that much after. He looks unfit and like he’s running in mud at times. bring back max !!!

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John Kay swearing at the linesman by Dunno

Posted: 21/11/2019 at 17:59:42, 518 views. In reply to 'RE: RE: Final straw.'

you’re gonna run out of these eventually, no matter how hard you try.

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RE: RE: RE: Final straw. by Cynic

Posted: 22/11/2019 at 16:00:05, 356 views. In reply to 'RE: RE: Final straw.'

Max is currently out injured - hence not playing for Grimsby

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