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The History of Scarborough Athletic in video by Old Git

Posted: 21/3/2020 at 10:55:28, 518 views.

No footy to watch, anywhere?
Isolated at home or in a tent at the bottom of the garden?
Stuck for something to do apart from washing your one plate & cereal bowl while you chase away the foxes.
Why not watch the videos of Athletic that I shot over the years.
I’ve posted this link which should take you to the earliest videos and then you can work your way forward in time
and miss out the other video content that is on my youtube site.

WARNING my original camera was really crap, I bought it from Tesco and I think it
was made in the former Yugoslavia. I once visited the manufacturers home page.
That is what it was, one page, no images, just text.
I think all it said was
“We sell cameras, you buy NOW, Capitalist dogs"

So the quality of the earliest videos aren’t as good as the Hollywood epics I made later
but you do get to see the early games and most of the goals.
Another problem with the early camera was the lack of time due to the battery quality
so I never knew when it would run out so the action of the early games is entirely down to when
I chose to video which is why I missed Dave Thompson scoring Athletic’s first ever league goal.

When I first did these videos I didn’t actually have anywhere to post, it was only a few weeks after the season
started that I uploaded them so the first few are not in the exact date order but that isn’t a big issue,
just explaining how it is organised & why.

I also suggest using twitter feeds and having a look at what is available to watch this season from Brid & the Pikes.
WARNING 2 You do have to scroll down the twitter pages to find the video action

As the sun is out and your binoculars are telling you that your neighbour is up to something, you may want to watch
my videos later, when the weather turns or the police arrive and stick your neighbour into the back of a large van.

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RE: The History of Scarborough Athletic in video by Cynic

Posted: 21/3/2020 at 18:43:56, 425 views. In reply to 'The History of Scarborough Athletic in video'

Bigly muchly appreciated, as your great hero Mr Trump would say OG.

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